Cartiva Implant

Cartiva is an implant that replaces damaged cartilage in a joint and is used to treat arthritic conditions such as hallux rigidus causing pain and rigidity of the big toe joint. The procedure treats pain while preserving mobility. Polyvinyl alcohol, the material used for this implant, has been safely used as a medical device for many years. It has properties similar to that of cartilage, making it ideal. Unlike, joint replacements which require revision or fusion which limits mobility, Cartiva implants show good, long lasting results with no functional limitations. In a recent 5-year follow-up study, 96% of patients having undergone the procedure showed significant pain reduction, durability, mobility and satisfaction. Your doctor will perform a thorough evaluation and discuss the suitability of this procedure for you.

During the procedure, an incision is made above the joint at the base of your toe. The toe bones and the metatarsal bone in the forefoot are separated. A hole is then made at the metatarsal end where the implant is fitted and replaces the damaged cartilage surface. This relieves pain and restores function by allowing you to move the toe joint freely.

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