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Legal & Personal Injury

Personal injury refers to any injury to the body that may happen during motor vehicle accidents, work place injuries, accidents at home, physical attacks, medical accidents (medical negligence) or other disease conditions caused because of any of the above mentioned factors.

Whether the injuries are caused by road accidents, occupation, or medical negligence, if proven, negligence of a person or company is responsible for the injury then the injured person will be eligible to claim monetary compensation. Injured person can file for claims though attorneys and you may need to pay a share or percentage of compensation. Attorneys may collect all the necessary details from you, analyze the case and file for suitable compensation. The compensation depends on the severity of injury, impact of injury on individual’s health, occupation, damages to personal properties and long-term consequences, if any.

At ORTHONOW, we help you in filing for claims and our specialists guide you so as to get the fair level of compensation. We also provide additional support services to take care of your needs.